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​​Affordable solar products to power your world.

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 A Subsidary of Jbex Global Engineering Limited​ 


   The management of Jbexsolar  is committed to providing safe place of work for employees and contractors,      through the implementation of standards and control that continuously improves the application and                performance of the safety management system. We shall achieve this goal by setting out target for                      ourselves aimed at fulfilling a set of board objective and values, which represent our obligation to society          and business stakeholders as well as ourselves:

  • We are committed to meeting our statutory requirement and dedicated to performing or work in the safety practice manner throughout our operation, consistent with industrial practice that satisfies customer expectations

  • We communicate openly with employees, contractors and client on matters relating to occupational health and safety.

  • We believe in the provision of information for safe and efficient operations, to empower and educate our workforce and trust in a consultative process that maximizes our human resource

  • The system we set in place shall manage and control risk through the identification of hazards, the provision and maintenance of equipment fit for purpose and training in safety skills and knowledge.

  • We are committed to eco-friendly environment.